Wellness is associated with your lifestyle. Wellness depends on many factors, such as proper weight control, good nutrition, avoiding risk factors such as alcohol abuse and smoking and exercise. People who manage their lifestyle are more productive, healthier and have fewer workplace absences.

Since lifestyle is the leading factor determining your general health, it is important to set healthy goals and have control over your life. The choices you make have a huge influence on your wellness; therefore consistent self-care is vital. While medicine can cure the disease, the wellness lifestyle encourages you to take responsibility for your life.

Wellness is not an absence of diseases. It is an approach developed to achieve the balance between social and emotional functioning. Wellness is a process through which you start making choices towards a healthier lifestyle.

Wellness is a positive approach to life, which emphasizes the importance of the mind and spirit. A wellness-oriented lifestyle means that everything you feel, say and do has an impact on your health.