The appendix is a small attachment found in the colon. Appendicitis occurs when this part of the colon becomes blocked, infected or inflamed, allowing bacteria to invade the wall of the appendix. There are no major benefits of having an appendix, and its removal will generally not cause any long-term effects on the body. The most worrying scenario is if the infected appendix ruptures, causing the infection to spread through the abdomen. In some cases, the body will resolve the situation by itself, while in other cases medical intervention will be necessary.
<br>The symptoms of Appendicitis are mild at first, but progress over time. In most cases, patients report diffuse abdominal pain, even though over time it becomes easier to locate. Sometimes the pain will be accompanied by loss of appetite or vomiting. An appendectomy is necessary to treat Appendicitis, along with a prior dosage of antibiotics. Sometimes, only antibiotics are needed to correctly treat the infection.



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