Have you been coughing for a while and it won’t go away? Could it be asthma or chronic bronchitis? A cough is one of the main symptoms for which patients seek help from a chest specialist. Most of the time, it occurs because of the respiratory virus infection and clears up in few weeks. However, sometimes it lasts much longer. It is called chronic cough; a frustrating condition that can be even socially isolating for patients.

Before you start your treatment, you should undergo specific tests that diagnose your condition. These tests vary depending on your situation, but commonly include breath tests, lung function tests, blood tests, bronchoscopy, and CT scans.

When you are diagnosed, your doctor prescribes a treatment plan that can include effective medications, physiotherapy, and lifestyle changes for cough control. Further consultations and investigations are decided when a patient’s response has been evaluated.

If you have had a cough for over two weeks and it is getting worse, you should see a GP.